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The soap that Buzzy has produced should be called Latherotion. It has more lather than any soap I have ever used and since it has oil and other natural ingredients, there is no need to use body lotion after a shower.

My sister has commented how much younger my skin looks and how “fresh” my face looks after using this product (I am 50). I use this soap with the water softener in my home and they complement each other perfectly. When I shower, I wash my face first then leave the soap on while I finish my shower – then rinse my face last and use this soap for shaving. It is perfect for my routine.

I can’t wait for a liquid product to put in my soap dispensers!



After using Buzzy's Essentials soap for 2 weeks, my skin is tighter and the dark circles under my eyes are gone. And the scars from mole removal are visibly reduced. Also, I used it to shave with and no razor burn! I have already decided to order 4 more as soon as I get paid. I recommend it to anyone, not just those with problem or combination skin. I no longer need to use all those other skin products, scrubs and moisturizers.



I want to let you know about Buzzy's soap. For a person growing up with mod/severe acne, and having acne as an adult, this stuff is great. I hardly have issues with my skin. I actually can tell the difference from using Buzzy's soap, verses another brand. The ingredient's all natural and it washes of clean with out a film.

I would recommend this soap to anyone.

Thank you Buzzy.


I love this soap! I recently was introduced to this wonderful product and I must say that I can’t imagine going back to a regular brand of soap. The results are very fast I saw an improvement in my skin in less than a week. This product has a wonderful natural scent unlike the overly perfumed ones so often found in stores. Your skin has a wonderful toned feeling after you use this product and a great all over clean feeling without that skin dryness that other soaps cause so often. This is a great new product and I have highly recommended it to family and friends.

Adam in Hudson Fl

This soap is absolutely AMAZING! I was a little skeptical at first, but after the first use, I know that I will be using this soap everyday for the rest of my life. The results were amazing and immediately following the first use. I love how tight and soft my skin feels from using it. The soap has even removed part of a skin rash that has been on my upper arms for my whole life and are now disappearing. I simply love the soap and highly recommend it to anyone that I know!!

Best Regards,

            Sean K.

I bought Buzzy's homemade soaps and have nothing bad to say about it. I have combination skin and since I used it, my skin is not dry or oily. I do NOT need to use lotion anymore on my skin. My skin looks healthier and my wrinkles are going away and so are some of my scars are getting lighter. I had both of my daughters use it also. One of my daughter's skin is very dry and she has eczema which is almost COMPLETELY GONE! I have tried everything for her eczema and nothing worked until this soap. My other daughter has combination skin, like me and her skin looks better and feels better. All of our skin is softer and not dry/oily and my older daughter does not have anymore break outs!

I loved the soap so much, I bought one for a friend of mine. She is allergic to almost EVERYTHING! Because of her allergies, she can't use hardly any soaps unless they are organic and even some of those she can't use. She tried Buzzy's soap and didn't break out, like she usually does with soaps and the rashes she has from her allergies are going away! Her skin is noticeably softer. Her skin looks better than it EVER has!! She said she loves it!

Even though this soap is a little bit more expensive than soaps you can buy at the store, IT IS WORTH IT! My children and I have been using it everyday for three-four weeks and still have a lot of the bar left. It looks like only a quarter of it has been used.

THIS SOAP IS THE BEST SOAP THAT I HAVE USED, which includes store bought soaps and homemade soaps. I will not purchase any other soaps EVER AGAIN!!

Thanks Buzzy!! You're the best!

Thanks again,

            Amy B.

I’m a very skeptical person. I always say “I’ll believe it when I see it”. When Buzzy mentioned he was making this soap that did all the things he mentioned, I was, as usual, skeptical. I’ve always had problems with oily, acne-prone skin, and have pretty much tried every type of soap, astringent, scrub, lotion, and cream out there. Buzzy gave me a bar of his soap to try, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try yet another soap. Within a couple of days, I was amazed how his soap was actually reducing the oil and acne on my face. Within a couple of weeks of using the soap, the oil on my face was greatly reduced and I had far fewer pimples. The pores on my face started to shrink and most of the blackheads disappeared. I also noticed that some of the old, acne scars I had started to fade away or disappear altogether. I couldn’t believe it. Some of my friends and co-workers have even noticed the subtle changes to my skin and have complimented me on it. Using the soap actually produced a side-effect that I was wasn’t expecting. For over a year, I had been dealing with eczema on my hands. I went to the doctor and have tried both prescription and non-prescription lotions and ointments to get rid of the eczema, to no or very little avail. Using the soap every day, the eczema on my hands began to disappear. The eczema on my left hand has completely disappeared, while the eczema on my right hand has almost disappeared. I am extremely happy with what Buzzy’s soap has done, and it has made a believer out me.

Cliff P.

As a suffer of Psoriasis I cannot tell you how wonderful your soap is!!! Over the years I have tried every treatment available. Creams, ointments, foams, coal tar, shots and light therapy. Some helped but never got rid of it completely and you couldn’t use them on certain parts of your body and it always returned. For the first time in my life I am Psoriasis FREE!!! yes after using your soap for just three weeks it completely cleared me up . and I haven’t had a breakout since! For the first time in my life I am no longer embarrassed by my skin ...this soap is a Miracle! Please don’t ever stop making this product you have my highest recommendation and a user for life! Thanks Buzzy for giving me my life back!

Sincerely yours.
Jack S.



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